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More Molded Pics!
This is our most popular mold, the octagon spiral!
10.00 each
This one is a pyramid!  It's great for surprise candles!
5.00 each
This is our tall round mold, so pretty! 3 inch base.
10.00 each
Our square is so popular! This one is
10.00 each
Always loved, our stars!
12.00 each, 12 inches tall!
A wide 4 inch base and 6 or 4 inches high
This one is the classic pillar
10.00 each
we are always adding new molds, look for more pics soon!
Right now, we have:
Sun with wavy arms
Devil (too cute!)
Mushroom Froggy
Sitting Tall Cat
Yin and Yang (2 pieces!)
Rounded Triangle
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